Windows XP installation. (Complete guidance for installation)  

In this page we will teach you the process of windows xp installation and different software. Most popular name Microsoft has designed this operating system. windows xp has all types of features  associated with composing, designing, internet, games etc. 
Now we will start the method to install xp. 
In a fresh pc, we turned on the pc and press delete key or F2 for entering bois. here we will select the booting path. we select Cd rom as first boot device and then save setting and restart the pc. After restarting the pc system will boot from Xp disk which we have entered in Cd rom drive. you will see a massage "Press any key to boot from cd". Here we press any key. Setup starts automatically. After loading some necessary system files a screen message appears. 
We will press the enter key
Next screen appears and we see a agreement page. Here we must have to agree with the policies of Microsoft. For this this purpose we will press F8 key. .
In next step we create partition of Hard drive. In fresh PC system will show "Partitioned space"  We create partition by pressing C key and enter value in MB. For example if you have 80gb hard drive and you want to divide it in 4 parts then you will enter 20000 at first. then 20000 3 times after pressing C key. 
After creating Partition you will select C partition for XP installation. .
Next we will format the partition. setup will show you the four lines for formatting. the hard drive. 
Format drive on NTFS system (quickly) 
Format drive on NTFS system
Format drive on Fat 32 system (quickly)
Format drive on Fat 32 system
we will select NTFS to format the disk. we highlight the line and press enter. Pressing F setup will formats the C Drive and copies windows file into the hard drive. after completion of copying files, system reboots.
Now again message will appear "press any key to boot from cd" but now we will not press any key. As a result system will boot from hard drive and windows xp starts. 
It takes 15 to 25 min to install the complete window. at first after installing hardware setup will be ask for CD key of xp. here we will add 14 digit keys in the specified location. XP key is given below.
Before entering key you will write your name and company name. after entering cd key press next. 
After this you are free window will automatically install itself on your computer and finally restarts.
Driver's Installation.

After complete installation. we need to install the system software like VGA, SOUND, NETWORK etc. 
For this purpose
  • Right click on My Computer 
  • Click on Manage.
  • Click on Device Manager (System will show uninstall hardware list with question mark)
  • Insert the Driver's CD in Cd rom drive.
  • Right click on 1st hardware and select upgrade.
  • Select "This time only" and click next.
  • Select "install the software automatically (recommended) and click next  
  • Window will automatically select the particular driver for that hardware
  • Then click finish and reboot if necessary. 

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