If you want to install windows xp on your pc and you feel that your CD drive is not working properly or you have no any optical drive to install windows, than you  can prepare a bootable USB device for installation of windows XP, vista or  7. 

It is very easy and simple to make a boot able usb. Normally all notebooks have the option in the BIOS to boot from USB. Many other mother boards like intel 865, 915, 965 etc has also option to boot from USB device. So it is very simple and easy way to install XP on your computer. 

To make a bootable usb, first of all you will install a software "wintoflash". you can easily download this software from the web. The size of this software is approximately 17MB. 

Install it on your computer and then start this program. It will show two different paths. In first browse option you will select windows XP disk and in second browse option, select your Pen drive/USB. Click next to proceed. It will copy all files of windows xp from CD to USB. Now click finish. It is complete. 

Now you can use this USB for installation of windows. Enjoy.

If you feel that your mouse is not working properly, than you can use these short keys to operate without mouse. Here are some common short keys.

Alt + Space + R
This short key reduces the size of window

Alt + Space + M
You can move any small size window to any corner of your desktop.Use arrows keys to move left, right, top or bottom and press Enter.

Alt + Space + X
You can maximize  any small window by pressing this short key.

To minimize any window use this short key.

Alt + Tab.
Maximize any minimized window.  Moreover if you are using two or more than two programs then you can also use this short key to select your required programe.

If you want to shut down your computer without mouse then press window key and then press “U” key 2 times.

Win + U + R
Use these keys to restart your Computer.

You can change the name of any folder without mouse.
Simply highlight required folder through arrows key and press “F2”. Write the name of folder and press Enter.

Open New tab in Google chrome.
You can easily open a new tab in google chrome by pressing Alt+T
Similarly you can close tab by pressing Alt+W

Normally people use windows default screen savers. I will tell you a method to put picture of car, bus, airplane, flower  etc as screen saver.
Right click on desktop and click on properties.
Go to screen saver and open the list of screen savers.
Click on 3D Text.
Now click on setting.
Delete the default sentence of window and type capital "Y"
Now click on "Choose font"
From the font list, select "Webdings" and click ok.
Increase the size of picture, select rotation type and adjust rotation speed.
Now click ok and press "preview"
You will see heart as screen saver.
You can use different alphabet for different pictures. 


You can easily check the memory size of vga card which you are using in your computer. vga 
card of high memory size helps to play heavy games. It also gives better performance to 
those who use Corel and Adobe Photoshop. vga mean "Video Graphic Adapter" To check the 
memory just follow the steps.
1. Right click your desktop and click on properties.
2. Now click on "setting".
3. Click on "advance"
4. Now click on "Adapter".
Here you will see the information about your vga card. You can check chipe type, DAC type, Memory size and bios information. 

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