When you open "www.google.com", you just see simple back ground. You can put your own picture or any your favourit picture on google page as background. 
For this purpose create your gmail account and add your pictures on facebook or google + account.  Now open google.com. click on the link lower side of the page "change background image"
Now on the next message box you can select image from the google gallery but if you want to put your own image, then click on the "your picasa web photos". You will see the list of pictures you have added on facebook or google +. your image must be at least 800 x 600 pixels in size.Click on image and and then click on select button.
Now open "google.com" page. You will see your selected image as a background. After signing out you can't see this image.
1. You always win while playing solitair
Click start button, . All programes..... games,..... solitair.
Now press Alt+Shift+2 at same time.
No need to play........ you are winner.

2. windows hidden music
when you install fresh windows xp, at the startup you listen a music. after pressing "finish" music stops.
but even now you can listen this secrete music again.
Go to run and type "oobe" and press enter.
you will see a window., double click on image folder.  At the end you will find a music file namely "title"
double click on it and enjoy the windows hidden music........

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