In this post I will tell you, how to disable/turn off windows automatic updates in windows 10. Please follow these steps and after completion of these steps you will see that windows 10 is no more getting updates.
Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to control penal
  2. Double click on Administrative tools
  3. Now click on Computer management.
  4. In right side list, click on “Services and Application”
  5. Now you will see option of “services”.  Double click on “Services”
  6. You will see a long list. Press W key or scroll down to “windows updates”. It will   show in “running” position in 3rd column.
  7. Click on windows updates. It will show windows updates properties box.
  8. Click on stop button to stop updates and click on “Startup type” menu box and click on disable.
  9. Click “apply” and finally click on “Ok”.
  10. Done.


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