Home is the first learning point for kids. It is said "An educated women creates educated world". She can give extra time to teach her child. There are many countries in which most of the school are working for kids training but they hardly provide 4 -6 hours for kids. At home parent especially mother can give extra time to her child. She can start training of their kid from basic program like paint. Normally every child like to work in paint. They create some drawing according to their ideas.  Parent can use different educational software about counting and learning alphabet. A common Software "Easy Learning" is available in market. It has collection of many software. These software belongs to "Science", "Math","Chemistry","English","Computer" etc. Parents should start with easy learning steps. Remember that don't force to learn according to your choice. kids can learn more with their own interest. If he likes mathematical problems, let him do it. After sometime provide him some hygienic food for better physical and mental growth. Give your child peaceful and relax atmosphere. 

Basic Computer training is necessary for kids. There are many ways to trained kids at home. parents can perform this duty at home easily just giving them 1 hour daily. Different typing  software are used for learning typing skills. A teacher or parent should teach basic information about computer. they will tell them about the basic hardware of computer i.e CPU, Monitor, Mouse, Key Board, Speaker, Scanner, Printer etc.
Often children likes to play games. it is another way to learn computer. Child use keys of keyboard  during playing a game. for example when a child starts a game, he have to press X key for fire or kick. In this way he will learn that where X key is found. Some online games are available on web. Child can play that games through internet. In this way he will learn the use of internet also. He will learn how can he search a game through any search engine


Computer has become an important part of our daily lives. Typing is also very important for everybody. To make children perfect in this field, typing is very essential and it is duty of teacher/parents to teach them typing at an early age. There are many ways to learn typing.

Typing Tutor.
Many Typing tutor software are available in market to learn typing. In these programes kids write alphabetical words under the written rows. Similarly small stories are also written by kids in these programes. These software are especially designed for this purpose and have very easy way to learn typing step by step. Teacher should tell the child to keep his fingers on key board on home keys. Home keys are “a,s,d,f,j,k,l,;” and both thumbs should be on space bar. In these lessons alphabets gradually increases. Always try to teach kids in enjoyable atmosphere.

Games are also used to learn typing skill in friendly mood. Often keys are used to play games. Different keys are used to operate. For example to push, to punch, to kick, for race, for jump, for accelerator, different keys are used. Kids use these keys to just play but gradually they remember these keys by heart.

Educational Software.
 Many educational software are also used to learn typing and computer applications. These software are especially developed for kids.

Educational games are taught in funny ways. Children like to fire a gun. They also like to apply punch or kick on the enemy face. For this purpose they use keyboard. When they use this software again and again, they remember those keys and as a result they learn key board typing skills early.

Mathematical software are used to solve mathematical problems. Child learns to add, subtract, divide and multiply through these mathematical software.

Graphical software are also available in market for kids. In these program kids learn use of different drawing objects as well as many typing keys.  

Parents at home can trained their children easily. They have to give them just 1 hour daily. Parents tell their children the use of paint, basic windows application, for example Open My computer, my documents, open drives, open CD drive and play any games or movies. They also teach their children the basic use of internet. Use of search engine, online games etc.

2 years baby girl likes to hear audio poems

6 years child uses laptop to play game of barbie 

baby girl in enjoyable mood

9 years old child have full command on windows xp & MS Office

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