When you open "www.google.com", you just see simple back ground. You can put your own picture or any your favourit picture on google page as background. 
For this purpose create your gmail account and add your pictures on facebook or google + account.  Now open google.com. click on the link lower side of the page "change background image"
Now on the next message box you can select image from the google gallery but if you want to put your own image, then click on the "your picasa web photos". You will see the list of pictures you have added on facebook or google +. your image must be at least 800 x 600 pixels in size.Click on image and and then click on select button.
Now open "google.com" page. You will see your selected image as a background. After signing out you can't see this image.
1. You always win while playing solitair
Click start button, . All programes..... games,..... solitair.
Now press Alt+Shift+2 at same time.
No need to play........ you are winner.

2. windows hidden music
when you install fresh windows xp, at the startup you listen a music. after pressing "finish" music stops.
but even now you can listen this secrete music again.
Go to run and type "oobe" and press enter.
you will see a window., double click on image folder.  At the end you will find a music file namely "title"
double click on it and enjoy the windows hidden music........

Learn How to Disable/Turn off windows Updates in Windows 10
There is another trick to put a background of your own choice on windows xp for the welcome
screen. It is very interesting trick and you can use it easily. follow these instructions for this trick.
1.  Open your browser and type www.google.com.
2.  In search bar type "logon studio" and press "i 'm feeling lucky"
3.  you will see a webpage. http://www.stardock.com/products/logonstudio/
4.  Press the button download near "logonStudio"
5.  On the next page you can see heading "LogonStudio For XP Download".
     Click on download button found right side of this heading.
6.  Save this setup file and double click to install the software.
7   In this software you see 3 available logos and also you can download more logos from the link
      mentioned below. Select any logo and click apply.
 8.  Done.

The Intel have introduced both processors, Pentium and Celeron. The basic difference between Celeron and Pentium is the areas of bus speed and L2 cache features. First time, the Celeron was introduced without any L2 cache at all. This thing degrade the value of Celeron or in other words this deficiency punished Celeron performance as compared to Pentium. Here are some differences and similarities between the Pentium and the Celeron Processors. First difference between the Pentium & Celeron is Cache. A Celeron might have 128 k.b of L2 cache whereas a Pentium 4 can have four times more. Every computer expert knows that the amount of L2 cache memory have a big effect on performance. 2nd thing is Clock speed. Intel Pentium chips have a higher Clock speed than Celeron chips. The clock speed is determining factor in how fast a processor is and usually the higher Pentium 4 processors are 60% faster than the highest Celeron processor. 3rd thing is Buss Speed. The Pentium 4 processor tend to be about 30% faster than Celeron processor.
The smaller L2 cache size and low bus speed beats Celeron processor. If you want to do simple work like composing, use of internet then Celeron is better. There is another advantage of Celeron that you can save a lot of money. But if you want fastest system bus and higher clock speed then Pentium is better. For example if you want to use any heavy software like movie editing software then Pentium is best. Celeron will not give the best performance in that case.

Home is the first learning point for kids. It is said "An educated women creates educated world". She can give extra time to teach her child. There are many countries in which most of the school are working for kids training but they hardly provide 4 -6 hours for kids. At home parent especially mother can give extra time to her child. She can start training of their kid from basic program like paint. Normally every child like to work in paint. They create some drawing according to their ideas.  Parent can use different educational software about counting and learning alphabet. A common Software "Easy Learning" is available in market. It has collection of many software. These software belongs to "Science", "Math","Chemistry","English","Computer" etc. Parents should start with easy learning steps. Remember that don't force to learn according to your choice. kids can learn more with their own interest. If he likes mathematical problems, let him do it. After sometime provide him some hygienic food for better physical and mental growth. Give your child peaceful and relax atmosphere. 

Basic Computer training is necessary for kids. There are many ways to trained kids at home. parents can perform this duty at home easily just giving them 1 hour daily. Different typing  software are used for learning typing skills. A teacher or parent should teach basic information about computer. they will tell them about the basic hardware of computer i.e CPU, Monitor, Mouse, Key Board, Speaker, Scanner, Printer etc.
Often children likes to play games. it is another way to learn computer. Child use keys of keyboard  during playing a game. for example when a child starts a game, he have to press X key for fire or kick. In this way he will learn that where X key is found. Some online games are available on web. Child can play that games through internet. In this way he will learn the use of internet also. He will learn how can he search a game through any search engine


Computer has become an important part of our daily lives. Typing is also very important for everybody. To make children perfect in this field, typing is very essential and it is duty of teacher/parents to teach them typing at an early age. There are many ways to learn typing.

Typing Tutor.
Many Typing tutor software are available in market to learn typing. In these programes kids write alphabetical words under the written rows. Similarly small stories are also written by kids in these programes. These software are especially designed for this purpose and have very easy way to learn typing step by step. Teacher should tell the child to keep his fingers on key board on home keys. Home keys are “a,s,d,f,j,k,l,;” and both thumbs should be on space bar. In these lessons alphabets gradually increases. Always try to teach kids in enjoyable atmosphere.

Games are also used to learn typing skill in friendly mood. Often keys are used to play games. Different keys are used to operate. For example to push, to punch, to kick, for race, for jump, for accelerator, different keys are used. Kids use these keys to just play but gradually they remember these keys by heart.

Educational Software.
 Many educational software are also used to learn typing and computer applications. These software are especially developed for kids.

Educational games are taught in funny ways. Children like to fire a gun. They also like to apply punch or kick on the enemy face. For this purpose they use keyboard. When they use this software again and again, they remember those keys and as a result they learn key board typing skills early.

Mathematical software are used to solve mathematical problems. Child learns to add, subtract, divide and multiply through these mathematical software.

Graphical software are also available in market for kids. In these program kids learn use of different drawing objects as well as many typing keys.  

Parents at home can trained their children easily. They have to give them just 1 hour daily. Parents tell their children the use of paint, basic windows application, for example Open My computer, my documents, open drives, open CD drive and play any games or movies. They also teach their children the basic use of internet. Use of search engine, online games etc.

2 years baby girl likes to hear audio poems

6 years child uses laptop to play game of barbie 

baby girl in enjoyable mood

9 years old child have full command on windows xp & MS Office

Show your own banner at bootup.

Here is another trick. You can show some banner or text message each time your windows boots up. Please follow the simple steps given below for this trick.
  • Go to “start” and click on “run”
  • Type “regedit” and click enter.
  • You will see a “registry editor window.
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\windows\Current version\policies\system.
  • Right click on the right penal – “New” – “String value”. You will see a new string value.
  • Rename it by typing “LegalNoticeCaption”
  • Right click on “string value” and click on “Modify”. Type the text you want to use in the title bar of the banner on “value data” area.
  • Again create another new “string value” and rename it by typing “LegalNoticetext”.
  • Again modify on the “value data” part, typing the message, you want to show at startup windows.
  • Close the registry editor and restart your computer.
When you will start your computer, you will see a new banner just before the welcome screen containing text message and a button of “OK”. Click on “ok” button to go ahead.
Hide full drive partition.
It is often seen that many people want to secure their data from other users or their friends. For this purpose they use different methods to hide their data but all these tricks are not reliable. BUT now I am telling you a secure method to hide full drive. You can put all your data in a drive and after applying this trick you will be able to hide full drive. To learn this trick, follow these steps.

  • First of all logged into administrative account.
  • Click on start, open run and type “CMD” and press enter.
  • Type “diskpart” and press enter.
  • After few seconds diskpart utility will appear.
  • Now type “list volume” to show list of volume and press enter.
  • Select the Drive or volume that you want to hide. If you have four drives C,D,E,F, and you want to hid “D” drive, then type “select volume 1”  and press enter.
  • Now in the next step type "remove letter D" to hide this drive.
  • Close CMD and open My computer to check…drive D is not there…
  • Now if you want to show the hidden drive then in step 7 type “assign drive d” and check “My computer”. Drive is back now.
  • Excellent trick, try it now.
image (hide system drive)

It is often seen that many people want to secure their data from other users or their friends. For this purpose they use different methods to hide their data but all these tricks are not reliable. BUT now I am telling you a secure method to hide full drive. You can put all your data in a drive and after applying this trick you will be able to hide full drive. To learn this trick, follow these steps.

  • First of all logged into administrative account.
  • Click on start, open run and type “CMD” and press enter.
  • Type “diskpart” and press enter.
  • After few seconds diskpart utility will appear.
  • Now type “list volume” to show list of volume and press enter.
  • Select the Drive or volume that you want to hide. If you have four drives C,D,E,F, and you want to hid “D” drive, then type “select volume 1”  and press enter.
  • Now in the next step type "remove letter D" to hide this drive.
  • Close CMD and open My computer to check…drive D is not there…
  • Now if you want to show the hidden drive then in step 7 type “assign drive d” and check “My computer”. Drive is back now.
  • Excellent trick, try it now.

You can create voice from your computer. whatever you will write in the box, computer will talk the same words. process the given below. 
  •  open notepad and write this code. 

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("aslam-o-alaikum friend. order me to talk something?","Speak to Me")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message

  • in this code i have written (aslam alaikum friend order me to talk something) but you can change it but don't change any other word from the code. 
  • Now save this file with extension .vbs
  • Now write some thing in the box and click ok
  • You will hear the written sentence.
  • Try it now.
Delete administrative password.
If you have forgotten your administrative password then still you can boot your computer by deleting password. Just follow these steps.
1.                 Put your hard disk in any other computer.
2.                 Attach your hard as a secondary hard disk.
3.                 Now start pc and open “My computer”
4.                 Open the drive of your hard disk in which your window is installed.
5.                 open windows then system 32 and at last config
6.                 Delete 2 files. sam.exe and sam.log
7.                 again put your hard disk in your own pc and boot it.
8.                 There is no password…….
Desktop trick.

It is very interesting trick. You can apply it on your friend’s pc for joke. Your friend will be fooled whenever he tries to click any desktop icon. Follow these steps.
Copy your desktop by clicking “prtscn”.
Past it in paint program.
Save this file as JPG format.
Now open this image file and make it desktop wallpaper.
Right click on desktop, click on “arrange icon by”, now click on “hide    
desktop icon” to hide all the icons from your desktop
Now “unlock” the taskbar. Done.
Your desktop will be look like original but you can’t click on any icon.  
Try it.

U Can’t create folder “CON”
Here is another interesting and amazing thing. You can’t create a folder with the name “con”. just can try it. I asked to many computer expert about this but they could not explain it.

Rename more files quickly.

If you have 2 or more than 2 files with unrecognizable names then you can change their names at once in a sequence. For example you have a folder containing 30 files of picture with different names and you want to arrange them by giving names “pic1”, “pic2”, “pic3” …..etc, then follow these steps.
1.        1st of all open the folder containing files.
2.      Press CTRL+A to Select all files. If you want to select or rename particular files then 
     press and hold “CTRL” key and then click different files to select.
3.      Open file menu and click rename or right click on any selected file and click rename.
4.      Now type the new name you want and press enter.
5.    If you type “pic”, the first name will be “pic” and the remaining files will be named 
     “pic1”, “Pic2”, “pic3” so on.
6.     Try it now and save your time.

Lock your Folder.

If you want to save your personal files in a folder at home or in office, then you must lock that folder. There is much software available in market to lock folder but I am telling you a new trick which locks a folder without any software.
  • At first create a folder in any drive in which you want to keep your personal files.  For example in drive E: create a folder and rename it. You can write any name that you like. Here we write folder name “personal”.
  • Now create a text file in the same drive.
  • Type,
  • ren personal personal.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
  • Save this text file as (hide.bat), you will see a bat file in the drive.
  • Now again create another text file and type…
  • ren personal.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} personal
  • Save this text file as unhide.bat.
  • Done.
  • Now press “hide” and the “personal” folder will change to control penal and nobody can see its contents.
  • Press “unhide” and….waooooo. you can see your folder in original shape.

Tricks to Boot Computer Faster.

Often people say that their computers take a lot of time to start. Many visitors asked me by email about this problems. There are many reasons of this problem. I am telling you a few tricks which will be helpful to solve this problem.
  1. Click start --- run -----enter.
  2. Type “msconfig” and press enter.
  3. In the resultant window go to the “Startup” tab.
  4. You will see a list of programs which also start when we start computer.
  5. All program boxes will be checked. So you uncheck all unnecessary or unwanted programs except antivirus.  
  6. Click on apply and restart your computer. You will feel that your computer is faster than before.
2nd Trick to boot computer faster
       I got this trick from one of my friend.
    1.  Right click on “My computer” and select “Manage”
    2.  click on “Device Manager”. You will see a list of hardware.
    3.  If you are not using USB/COM ports, then disable them.
     4.  Restart your Computer. It will give you more better performance in booting. 

Disable autorun option 
of usb or cd dvd drives.

Many people know that when ever they plug in their USB drive into the USB port, automatically an auto play option gets executed. Similarly when they insert CD or DVD in drive, it also shows same option of auto run. Sometime it becomes very dangerous for your computer because if your USB drive contains any virus then it gets executed along with auto run files. As a result your computer or operating system becomes slow. There is a trick to solve this problem. Just follow these steps.
  1. Click start menu and click on RUN.
  2. Type “GPEDIT.MSC” and press enter.
  3. Click on Computer Configuration, then click on “administrative templates
  4. Now click on “system” and you will see a list on right side of the window.
  5. Search Line No. 16. (Turn Off Auto play)
  6. Double click on it and on the resultant window click on “enable
  7. Select “All Drive” to disable all drives.
  8. Click on apply. Done. 


Speed up your Menus.

It is very best trick of windows XP. After applying this trick you will feel excellent fast speed of your menus. This tricks doesn’t effect on windows startup or browsing speed. It just effects on your menus e.g start programe menu, right click menu etc. To apply this trick simply follow these steps.
i.                    Go to start menu and click on run
ii.                  Type “Regedit” and click “oK”. You will find registry editor window.
iii.                Click on “HKEY CURRENT USER” then click on “CONTROL PENAL” and finally click on “DESKTOP
iv.                You will see a list on right side and search for “Menushowdelay
v.                  Double click or right click on “Menu Show Delay” to modify the value data.
vi.                Change the value data of value name to “0” and click ok.
vii.              It is done. Enjoy an excellent menu opening speed.

(Note. You can adjust value according to your requirements. Minimum value is “0” but normally you can use 50 to 150 )


Notepad is known to be simple pad for comments.  Often peoples don’t like to use notepad. Today we are introducing  some notepad funny tricks. You can use it as fun as well as for knowledge. 

Confirm your anti-virus status

This trick is used to check antivirus activity. If you feel that your antivirus software is not working well then you can confirm it by using this trick.

(i). Open Notepad and type this code.


(ii).  Now save it with extension “exe” (like antivirus.exe)
(iii).If your antivirus software is working properly then it will detect this file and will try to

       remove it as soon as you save it.
(iv). If your antivirus tries to remove this file, it means that your antivirus is working 
     properly and if it doesn’t try to remove this file then you should use some other 
      reliable antivirus software.

hint for world trade center

Every body knows about 9/11.  The flight number of that plane was Q33N. Ok now see some amazing trick.
1.   Open notepad and type this number Q33N.
2.   Increase font size to 70, or 80 etc.
3.   Now select this number and change its font to “Wingdings”
4.   As a result you will be shocked to see the resultant shape.


             If you want to make a diary which inserts date and time automatically then use 
             this trick. 

1.   Open notepad

2.   Type ( .LOG ) (no brackets)

3.   Save this file with any name e.g. diary etc.

4.   Reopen the file and see the log book magic.

5.   You will see that the current date and time are automatically inserted.

6.   It will happen every time



·   Open notepad and type 4 words separated by spaces. The letters of these words should be 4,3,3,5. For example you can write “mark the kid ahead” or “boys are not quick”  it is also called 4335 rule.

·    Save this file with any name.

·    Reopen your file and see magic.


This trick helps you to shut down your computer quickly after showing a message box. To apply this trick:

·    Open notepad

·    Write this code

@echo off

Msg* I am dead tired now.

Shutdown –c “Error! I will sleep now! Good byeee” –s

·    Save this file on desktop with bat extension.

·    Done.

·    Double click on the saved file, you will see a message and your pc will restart. 


Here some tips for the safety of computer. A user can get better result and performance of computer speed by acting upon these tips. 
  • Don't  turn off your computer during working position of windows.
  • Alway turn off you computer manually by clicking on start menu and select shut down. If you are not using a mouse then simply press windows key and then press "U key" 2 times. 
  • Before connecting new hardware i.e cd rom, ram, hard drive etc, Turn off computer completely.
  • Always close Cd Rom by pressing its button, don't apply force on the gate of CD Rom.
  • Don't keep your computer near dinning table and also don't keep any liquid or water near your CPU. 
  • Keep you system in airy atmosphere. 
  • You can use AC in your compute room.
  • Don't use water room cooler in front of CPU.
  • Always turn off computer manually and disconnect your computer from the AC current.


White color of monitor or LCD is harmful for human eyes. by changing the background color of screen area you can protect your eyes. Right click on desktop and click on properties. Click on appearance, then click on advance button. Click on the "windows text box". you will see two color boxes in lower portion. Click on upper color box and then click on color button. In new window you can manually get your favorite color. Apply and click ok. After completing open my computer and you will see the same color on background you have selected.

Use Scroll wheel performance.

it can be used as a third BUTTON of mouse. 
also it can be used for zoom in & out.
Everyone knows about mouse wheels ability to scroll up and down on a page. However, this wheel can be also used as a third button of mouse.
  • Pressing down on the wheel will act like a third mouse button. This can be used to open a web page in a tab by clicking the wheel on any link and also this button can be used to close a tab by clicking the wheel.
  • Scroll wheel can be used for Quickly Zoom in and Out on a web page by holding down the  Ctrl key and scrolling up to zoom in and down to zoom out.
Select a paragraph through mouse.

You can select any word easily by double-clicking the word. If you want to highlight the whole paragraph, click the mouse button three times on any text in the paragraph. As a result the whole paragraph would be selected.
Use the right-click
You can see the properties of Highlighted text.  For example, if you highlight a file or text, you can right-click to get the menu of copy and then right-click anywhere to paste that paragraph or word.
In a browser you can open a link in a new tab while pressing and holding ctrl key and click on the link.

Find Phone Number from Google. 

We will tell you another amazing trick about Google search engine. with the help of this trick you can get name and address of a person. Just enter a full phone number with area code in Google search box. It will display the name and address of the said phone number.

Google Calculator

Google also works as a calculator. You can use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a mathematical problem in the search box.  For example, typing: 500 + 500 would show results as 1000. Check this amazing thing…..

Now Save any web page in JPG image or PDF format.

There is a new trick for you. Now you can save any web page as a JPG image file or a PDF file easily. Copy the URL of site you want to convert in image and open "www.urlcapt.com" you can download the file  after the file has been generated using this service. This will show the whole web page in JPG/PDF format. enjoy. 

Burn a cd in win xp without any burning software.
In win. 98, Me, 2000, often a software is used to burn a CD, but Windows XP comes with a builtin CD copy feature. If you are using a system which has not any burning software don’t worry. With the help of windows XP feature, you can write some data or any music files to a CD/DVD or erase it also.
 Main Requirement.
Before you erase or write a CD you need to enable the CD-R features n windows XP. For this purpose:
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Right click on CD Drive and select “Properties”.
  • Select the last option “Recording
  • Select by clicking “Enable CD recording on this drive
  • Also select Fastest for quick writing speed.
  • And at last click “Ok”
  • You’re done. Now the windows XP is ready to write or erase any CD/DVD.
Method to Format the Disk.  
You are using the CD for writing purpose, make sure that disk is blank. You might need to format it before use. For this purpose
  • Insert a Rewritable CD/DVD into the drive.
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Open CD-Rom drive.
  • Windows opens that shows the contents of the CD, on the left panel click on the menu. “Erase this CD-RW”.
  • On the windows “CD writing wizard” click “Next”
  • The wizard starts to erase or format the CD.
  • After complete process, the wizard will disappear.
  • You should confirm that windows don’t show any files on the CD,
  • It is complete now. You’re done.
Method to Burn a CD on XP without any software.  
  • At first insert a formatted CD (CD-R) disc into the CD drive.
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Select the files & folders and press “Ctrl + c” to copy.
  • Double click on CD Rom drive and press “Ctrl + v” to paste.
  • You will see as temporary files/folders at this time.
  • Select “Write these files to CD” on the left panel.
  •  The window “CD Writing Wizard” appears.
  • Window shows default name of CD but you can change the CD name if you wish, then click “Next
  • The “CD Writing Wizard” starts to write files to the CD.
After the successful completion of the CD Writing process, the wizard will disappear and the CD Rom ejects CD automatically.

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