Change Processor Name of your computer

If you are using an old Pc like P4 or Duel Core and want to show your friends that you have a higher speed pc like Core 2 Quad or Core i5 something. Then you can change Your Processor speed in your system properties. To try this super trick just follow these steps and see the magic. 

 Click on Start Menu and click on “Run”.

Type “regedit” without double quotes and press enter.You will see registry edit box.  Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\SYSTEM\CENTRAL PROCESSOR\0

Now click on “ 0 “ . you will see some  files appeared in the right pane.
In the right pane list  double click the file named “Processor NameString”. 

 Now you will see a dialog box.  Here you can change the value data to anything you
want like Core to Quad or Core i5 etc. You can also write here your own name. You can confuse your friend by applying this trick on his i5 by changing to Pentium 4. Must try it.

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