In this post I will tell you, how to disable/turn off windows automatic updates in windows 10. Please follow these steps and after completion of these steps you will see that windows 10 is no more getting updates.
Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to control penal
  2. Double click on Administrative tools
  3. Now click on Computer management.
  4. In right side list, click on “Services and Application”
  5. Now you will see option of “services”.  Double click on “Services”
  6. You will see a long list. Press W key or scroll down to “windows updates”. It will   show in “running” position in 3rd column.
  7. Click on windows updates. It will show windows updates properties box.
  8. Click on stop button to stop updates and click on “Startup type” menu box and click on disable.
  9. Click “apply” and finally click on “Ok”.
  10. Done.


Change Processor Name of your computer

If you are using an old Pc like P4 or Duel Core and want to show your friends that you have a higher speed pc like Core 2 Quad or Core i5 something. Then you can change Your Processor speed in your system properties. To try this super trick just follow these steps and see the magic. 

 Click on Start Menu and click on “Run”.

Type “regedit” without double quotes and press enter.You will see registry edit box.  Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\SYSTEM\CENTRAL PROCESSOR\0

Now click on “ 0 “ . you will see some  files appeared in the right pane.
In the right pane list  double click the file named “Processor NameString”. 

 Now you will see a dialog box.  Here you can change the value data to anything you
want like Core to Quad or Core i5 etc. You can also write here your own name. You can confuse your friend by applying this trick on his i5 by changing to Pentium 4. Must try it.

Some time you install fresh Operating system in your computer and then you install Browser, google chrome. After installation you try to open gmail, yahoo, or facebook in google chrome but you do not see your required page and see a message “Server Security Certificate is not yet valid”.  Then you also try to open the page by clicking on “continue anyway” but the result is same.

Infect this problem occurs due to incorrect date and time of your computer. By synchronizing your system clock you can solve this problem.
I will tell you the best solution of this problem. Just follow these steps and after completion you will be able to login to facebook, yahoo, gmail etc.

Click on Start Menu and then control penal. 

Open Date/Time setting 

Adjust correct date and time according to your region. 

 Open "Internet Time Zone" tab.  

 Click on "Update Now" button. After clicking on button, It will start synchronzing your internet server timing. 

After 7-8 seconds you will see a message, "The time has been successfully synchronized with on 07-07-2013 at 5:09PM. 

Now try to open facebook, yahoo or gmail in google chrome again. Surely you will login successfully.

Recycle Bin is used to keep unnecessary files or folder. Some of my blog visitors asked about this problem that how they can get back their recycle bin after deleting it on windows XP.
You can use this method to get back recycle bin. 
Important Note.
For this purpose you will have to modify the Registry. It is strongly recommended that if you have some basic knowledge of registry then you can try it. Otherwise some serious problems might occur if you modify the Registry incorrectly. Now let’s try it. Follow these steps carefully to edit the registry to make the Recycle Bin icon reappear on your desktop.

i.  Click START and then click RUN
ii.  Now type “ regedit” and then click OK.
iii. Locate the following registry key
iv. Right click the registry key that you located in number(iii), Point to new and then click key.
v.  Now Type {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} and press Enter.
vi.  After this click the new {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} key.
vii. In the right, use your mouse to double click the default entry.
viii.   You will see a “Edit string dialog box”. Type Recycle Bin in the value data box and finally click OK.
ix.   Now close your registry Editor and check your desktop.
x.    You will see recycle Bin icon on your desktop wall. 

Use Keyboard with mouse

If you feel that your external keyboard is not working properly or some particular key is not functioning then you can use internal keyboard on your desktop screen. This property of keyboard is found in windows xp and seven. Just follow these steps
Go to start menu and press “run
Type  “osk
Now press enter.
(note. Don’t use commas)
you will see keyboard on your desktop screen. Now use mouse to click on keys for operation.


It is common observation that some times our computer slows down due to low performance of hard drive. This problem happens due to the slow performance or poor speed of hard drive. When we say about poor performance, actually we mean, poor speed of reading/writing of hard drive. This problem can be solved by increasing the hard drive speed. Follow these steps to solve your problem.

Click Start menu and select run.
Now type (sysedit.exe) in run and press enter.
System configuration editor will appear.
Here you can see some multiple windows but you will select (system.ini).
This window contains a line (386enh)
Now after this line type (irq14=4096)
Now close this window and save it.
Reboot your computer now.
You will surely feel better performance of your computer.


This is a common question when have been asked about several times by many people. Every body wants to know that what is the difference between a LCD and TFT. So i figured out, i should answer this question for anyone who has doubts.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display... and 
TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor.

TFT is not really different from LCD. It comes from the family of LCD technology. We can say that it is a modern version of the LCD Technology. A TFT provide a well improved image quality. 
There are two typs of display quality. 1st one is Matty and 2nd is Grossy. Matty display is called LCD and Grossy display is called as TFT. LCD and TFT consumes less power energy as compared to CRT (Cathode ray tube).
Now a days TFT has been used for mobile phone devices, projectors, nevigation systems as well as TVs and computer monitors.

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