common pc problems and their solutions.

1.       My computer’s speed is very slow.

Ans.   There are many reasons for slow speed of computer. At first Increase your RAM (random access memory). In P-4 system 256Mb ram is recommended. Your can increase up to 512 or 1gb for best result.  2nd: Check your hard drive for physical or logical errors or bad sectors. Often Bad sector reduces the speed of computer. 3rd: Check for virus in your computer and also remove unwanted and unnecessary files from your system. These tips will improve the speed of your computer.

2.       During installation of windows xp, setup shows a error “setup can’t copy the 
          files….) when reaches at ‘Kernal Debuger).

Ans. When you try to install XP windows and during setup at “Kernal Debuger” point you see a error, it mean that there is some problem in your system’s Random Access Memory (RAM). Replace your system’s ram and run setup again.

3.       When I start my pc, a message appears “operating system not found”

Ans.   1st. start your pc and by pressing Dell or F2 enter into system setup and check your hard drive detection. In advance system option check for Primary or secondary drive. If your data cable and power supply connector is connected accurately with hard, then here you will see the capacity of hard drive. In this case you have lost your operating system and so install again windows. 2nd: If you didn’t find any hard drive detection in setup, it mean that cables are not connected with hard drive. Also there could be any physical problem in your hard drive.

4.       There is not display on monitor. Beep Found.

Ans.   When you start your pc, you just hear a beep and there is no display at all. If you hear beep 2 times continuously, it mean there is some problem in your Ram and if you hear beep once after a little gape, it means your display adapter is not working. In case of display card (VGA) you can also check the connectivity of card on your mother board if you are using external card. In case of built-in, use external VGA card.

5.       When I play any 3d game, my system goes slow down.

Ans.   When a system become slow while playing a game, it means you are using low speed graphic card. Many cards are available in market. Mostly 128MB or 256MB card gives better performance for games and graphics.

6.       Video movie doesn’t play in normal speed. 

Ans.   It is also because of low speed graphic card. Replace with high speed graphic card, as a result video result will be better.

7.       When I play a song or video movie, system stops

Ans.    This problem is often caused by sound hardware. When we play a movie then graphics and sound both work at same time. So if any hardware is not functioning well then your system will become hang.

8.       How can I improve Windows XP speed?

Ans.   There are some tips for improving XP speed. Clean your desktop and delete all unnecessary & unwanted file from your desktop. Run disk clean up to remove unwanted files from your system, Run disk Defragmenter to increase more space for windows to work fast. click start, run, type. "prefetch" and enter. A new window will appear, remove all files shown there. Again click start, run, type "%temp%" and press enter. remove all files shown in the new window. By applying these setting you can increase speed of your computer.  

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