Desktop trick.

It is very interesting trick. You can apply it on your friend’s pc for joke. Your friend will be fooled whenever he tries to click any desktop icon. Follow these steps.
Copy your desktop by clicking “prtscn”.
Past it in paint program.
Save this file as JPG format.
Now open this image file and make it desktop wallpaper.
Right click on desktop, click on “arrange icon by”, now click on “hide    
desktop icon” to hide all the icons from your desktop
Now “unlock” the taskbar. Done.
Your desktop will be look like original but you can’t click on any icon.  
Try it.

U Can’t create folder “CON”
Here is another interesting and amazing thing. You can’t create a folder with the name “con”. just can try it. I asked to many computer expert about this but they could not explain it.

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