Burn a cd in win xp without any burning software.
In win. 98, Me, 2000, often a software is used to burn a CD, but Windows XP comes with a builtin CD copy feature. If you are using a system which has not any burning software don’t worry. With the help of windows XP feature, you can write some data or any music files to a CD/DVD or erase it also.
 Main Requirement.
Before you erase or write a CD you need to enable the CD-R features n windows XP. For this purpose:
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Right click on CD Drive and select “Properties”.
  • Select the last option “Recording
  • Select by clicking “Enable CD recording on this drive
  • Also select Fastest for quick writing speed.
  • And at last click “Ok”
  • You’re done. Now the windows XP is ready to write or erase any CD/DVD.
Method to Format the Disk.  
You are using the CD for writing purpose, make sure that disk is blank. You might need to format it before use. For this purpose
  • Insert a Rewritable CD/DVD into the drive.
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Open CD-Rom drive.
  • Windows opens that shows the contents of the CD, on the left panel click on the menu. “Erase this CD-RW”.
  • On the windows “CD writing wizard” click “Next”
  • The wizard starts to erase or format the CD.
  • After complete process, the wizard will disappear.
  • You should confirm that windows don’t show any files on the CD,
  • It is complete now. You’re done.
Method to Burn a CD on XP without any software.  
  • At first insert a formatted CD (CD-R) disc into the CD drive.
  • Double click on “My Computer
  • Select the files & folders and press “Ctrl + c” to copy.
  • Double click on CD Rom drive and press “Ctrl + v” to paste.
  • You will see as temporary files/folders at this time.
  • Select “Write these files to CD” on the left panel.
  •  The window “CD Writing Wizard” appears.
  • Window shows default name of CD but you can change the CD name if you wish, then click “Next
  • The “CD Writing Wizard” starts to write files to the CD.
After the successful completion of the CD Writing process, the wizard will disappear and the CD Rom ejects CD automatically.

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