Tricks to Boot Computer Faster.

Often people say that their computers take a lot of time to start. Many visitors asked me by email about this problems. There are many reasons of this problem. I am telling you a few tricks which will be helpful to solve this problem.
  1. Click start --- run -----enter.
  2. Type “msconfig” and press enter.
  3. In the resultant window go to the “Startup” tab.
  4. You will see a list of programs which also start when we start computer.
  5. All program boxes will be checked. So you uncheck all unnecessary or unwanted programs except antivirus.  
  6. Click on apply and restart your computer. You will feel that your computer is faster than before.
2nd Trick to boot computer faster
       I got this trick from one of my friend.
    1.  Right click on “My computer” and select “Manage”
    2.  click on “Device Manager”. You will see a list of hardware.
    3.  If you are not using USB/COM ports, then disable them.
     4.  Restart your Computer. It will give you more better performance in booting. 

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