Speed up your Menus.

It is very best trick of windows XP. After applying this trick you will feel excellent fast speed of your menus. This tricks doesn’t effect on windows startup or browsing speed. It just effects on your menus e.g start programe menu, right click menu etc. To apply this trick simply follow these steps.
i.                    Go to start menu and click on run
ii.                  Type “Regedit” and click “oK”. You will find registry editor window.
iii.                Click on “HKEY CURRENT USER” then click on “CONTROL PENAL” and finally click on “DESKTOP
iv.                You will see a list on right side and search for “Menushowdelay
v.                  Double click or right click on “Menu Show Delay” to modify the value data.
vi.                Change the value data of value name to “0” and click ok.
vii.              It is done. Enjoy an excellent menu opening speed.

(Note. You can adjust value according to your requirements. Minimum value is “0” but normally you can use 50 to 150 )

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