Here some tips for the safety of computer. A user can get better result and performance of computer speed by acting upon these tips. 
  • Don't  turn off your computer during working position of windows.
  • Alway turn off you computer manually by clicking on start menu and select shut down. If you are not using a mouse then simply press windows key and then press "U key" 2 times. 
  • Before connecting new hardware i.e cd rom, ram, hard drive etc, Turn off computer completely.
  • Always close Cd Rom by pressing its button, don't apply force on the gate of CD Rom.
  • Don't keep your computer near dinning table and also don't keep any liquid or water near your CPU. 
  • Keep you system in airy atmosphere. 
  • You can use AC in your compute room.
  • Don't use water room cooler in front of CPU.
  • Always turn off computer manually and disconnect your computer from the AC current.

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